Friday 11 July 2014

Vapourtec E-Series UV-150 Photochemical reactor features at International Symposium

The Vapourtec E-Series easy-Medchem + UV-150 Photochemical reactor features at International Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis ( ISHC XIX ) in Ottawa, Canada

Presence at International Symposium in Ottawa, Canada

Andrew Mansfield, Sales & Application Specialist with Suffolk-based flow chemistry engineering firm Vapourtec, presented a talk about photochemistry at the Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting (Uni of Birmingham 9-10 July).

Andrew’s presentation, which took place at 10 AM on Thursday 10th July, focused on the latest addition to the field of photochemistry technology; the UV-150 photochemical reactor designed and manufactured by Vapourtec and launched earlier this year.

Vapourtec E-series UV-150 Photochemical reactor model

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Vapourtec plays a major role in Flow Chemistry breakthroughs

Vapourtec has reached the notable landmark of appearing in 125 peer reviewed publications, making Vapourtec the clear leader in terms of research breakthroughs and published findings for flow chemistry systems.

Sun Shines on Vapourtec R-Series Down Under

Vapourtec’s R-Series flow chemistry system has played its part in another significant breakthrough with the development in Australia of a brand new sun cream based on mimicking the natural protection to sunlight created by coral in the Great Barrier Reef.

Research undertaken by Victoria-based scientific engineering firm CSIRO, on behalf of skincare company Larissa Bright Australia, utilised Vapourtec’s R-Series flow chemistry systems and has led to the creation of the first sun cream formulated from a molecule that delivers both UVA and UVB protection.

Already extensively showcased on media Down Under, the new formulation is expected to be available on supermarket shelves within the next few years. Vapourtec managing director and founder Duncan Guthrie commented: “This provides even more proof that flow chemistry can help deliver innovation that impacts directly on the real world.

"R-Series systems used in the laboratories at CSIRO allowed  for the synthesis of this new molecule safely and easily using flow chemistry principles and processes,” added Duncan.

Continuous Flow Carbonylation Reactions Eliminating the Use of Toxic Carbon Monoxide

Andrew M. Sales and Application
Specialist at Vapourtec Ltd
Researchers from Janssen Research and Development (Spain), the University of Leuven and the Universidad de Castilla-La Macncha have shown a continuous flow process for carbonylation reactions without the need of toxic carbon monoxide and have shown new chemical reactivity under flow conditions that were not previously possible under batch conditions.

Continuous flow chemistry has developed to be a useful enabling technology that allows access to novel process windows giving excellent control of reaction parameters. The use of this technique contributes to sustainability as it allows hazardous compounds to be better contained and in some cases allows the reduction of these dangerous chemicals while allowing the reaction to be easily scaled.

More information at vapourtec

Continuous Flow Carbonylation Reactions Eliminating the Use of Toxic Carbon Monoxide Gas Using the Vapourtec R-Series flow chemistry system researchers from Janssen Research and Development (Spain), the University of Leuven and the...

For more information download the attached pdf

FDA Supports the use of Continuous Manufacturing

MIT Symposium
Organised by CMAC (Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Continuous Manufacturing & Crystallisation, UK) & MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) on the request of the FDA, the International Symposium of Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals was a 2 day event held in Boston (20-21st May 2014).

Attended by industry leaders and technology providers, the Symposium was the ideal platform through which to discuss the potential that continuous manufacturing has to offer the pharmaceutical industry. The symposium gave the opportunity to learn from existing users of the technology in areas such as specialty, petrochemical and food manufacture as well as the pharmaceutical industry pioneers.

With discussions centred on a series of white papers, a clear take home message was that a significant amount of effort has been expended independently by various pharmaceutical companies. However, in order to drive this effort to fruition, collaboration is needed with industry wide focus on continuous manufacturing.  Key to realising the potential held by this technology is to break down the perceived barriers of implementation - one of which is frequently discussed as being ‘the regulatory hurdle’.

Speaking in her keynote address, Dr Janet Woodcock of the FDA (Head CDER) stressed that the technology has the opportunity to provide the necessary agility, flexibility, cost and quality required to provide societal benefit but there is a ‘fear that the regulators will slow down the development program’.  In her closing, Dr Woodcock advised that companies engage with the regulators along the way as the ‘FDA is supportive of continuous manufacturing’.

Symposium 'Waste not want not, profit from sustainable chemistry' at Chemspec Europe 2014

June 18 - 19, Budapest, Hungary

The two day international RSC Symposium organised in association with Chemistry Innovation and the Green Chemistry Network will be held on the Exhibition Floor at the 2014 Chemspec Europe and Chemsource Exhibitions organised by Quartz Business Media. It will address the challenges facing small scale businesses in minimising waste and operating at a profit using sustainable chemistry. Innovative developments in this field will be highlighted.

Chemtrix's CEO, Dr. Charlotte Wiles will be present at this symposium. The theme of the presentation is: 'Opportunities for the development of sustainable production processes'. The presentation will demonstrate through a selection of Customer case studies the advantages that can be leveraged through the use of continuous flow reactor technology including control of hazardous processes, small-footprint systems, low material consumption for process development and on-site local production. The presentation will take place on June 18, 12:00 hrs in the RSC Pavilion in Hall G, accross the Chemtrix booth (B33).

Chemtrix to exhibit at Chemspec Europe, booth B33

Chemspec Europe
Chemtrix BV will be exhibiting at Chemspec Europe, this year held in Budapest, Hungary on June 18 - 19. At Chemspec, they will exhibit their complete product portfolio ranging from small scale method development systems to tonne-scale industrial continuous manufacturing reactors. Concerning industrial continuous manufacturing, the Plantrix MR500 reactor will be displayed for discussion and evaluation. Visit them to know about the service offerings and to know how these technologies could be introduced in your company or department.

Chemtrix will be present in Hall G, booth B33. If you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss Flow Chemistry in general or to have a discussion about how our products could fit your needs, please contact Gijs van der Zanden at or contact Vijay Kirpalani at

Note: Free entrance tickets are available.

Friday 16 May 2014

ChemtriX BV participates in the International Symposium on “Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals” 20th- 21st May 2014, CMAC & MIT, USA

Janet Woodcock, Head of CDER at the FDA, had asked to set up a symposium on making “continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing” a reality.

Chemtrix BV will address the symposium to contribute to the adoption of this technology in Pharmaceutical Manufacture.

More Information:

The symposium will bring together pharmaceutical company end users, suppliers, regulators and academics to look at accelerating adoption of continuous manufacturing for both small molecules and biologic products and how research groups, globally, might collaborate more to help drive this.

This is an enormous opportunity to guide the way in which new technologies and new approaches in the pharmaceutical industry can transform quality, cost and service for the benefit of the patient.

Friday 2 May 2014

Fuji Techno Industries Corporation, Japan, appoints Pi as distributor of Fuji Techno products and services in India

Metering pump guide
Fuji Techno Industries Corporation
PDF download
Super meter ring pump

Mehta API & Pi sign Development & Commercialization MOU for Process Intensification & Flow Chemistry

Mehta API (P) Ltd. an EU, TGA & WHO GMP certified manufacturer of APIs & Intermediates in India  and Pi  Process Intensification Exp. LLP have executed an MOU to develop and commercialize products-processes for APIs & Intermediates using Process Intensification & Flow Chemistry Technology platforms to achieve green and highly cost-effective manufacture.

The agreement brings together the expertise of Mehta API in successful development & commercialization of products  and of Pi in Process Intensification techniques and Flow Chemistry Platform technologies from development to commercial scales; to better serve the pharmaceutical industry with products that are not only cost effective but have inherent quality consistency.

These green & atom-efficient  processes with very low carbon-footprints  are expected to revolutionalize the API manufacturing methodologies in India.

The collaboration covers all phases of process design, from scanning chemistries, chemistry development, route scouting, equipment design and scale-up for fully continuous or integrated processes.

Revolutionary “E-series” Flow Chemistry System

The new Vapourtec E-Series flow chemistry system offers a breakthrough in simplicity and robustness
New Vapourtec E-Series
Flow Chemistry System
while providing unprecedented value for money. Some of the salient features include:

Flexibility: The system has provision for up to 3 reagent pumps, and 2 reactor positions which accepts the full range of tube and column reactors from the popular and well proven Vapourtec R-Series platform.

Robustness: The system which is reliable and works across a wide range of flow rates, is also capable of pumping strong acids, organometallic reagents, light suspensions and gases.

Ease of use: The user interface allows seamless use of the features present on the system.

Apart from these features other technical features include the V-3 Pump, Inert Gas Blanketing, automated collection of product and waste stream and availability of advanced E-series tools.

The system comes with laboratory teaching manual, available with all E-Series systems.

Please read more about the revolutionary E-Series flow chemistry system.