Monday, 21 April 2014

Hydrogenations in Coflore ATR - Dynamically Agitated Reactors

Hydrogenations in Coflore

Mechanically stirred reactors are the most practical solution for gas/liquid reactions at the plant scale since such processes generally require efficient mixing for extended periods. The Coflore ACR is a mechanically stirred flow reactor with a reactor channel divided into 10 stages. Multiple stages ensure good reaction time control and effective separation of reactants and products.

Feasibility - Historically gas/liquid reactions have been difficult to perform in flow above the micro scale and this is primarily a mixing problem. Efficient mixing is required for good mass transfer and to maintain a uniform suspension of catalyst. Mixing performance in static flow reactors is velocity dependent which has obvious limitations with long reaction times. By using mechanical stirring, the Coflore reactor can maintain efficient mixing for minutes or hours and the use of multiple stages ensures orderly flow.

Reactor size - The existing process  in a 1,000 litre batch reactor replaced by a flow reactor 10 to 50 litres in capacity (depending upon reaction)The commercial benefits of this in terms of capital cost, energy savings, safety and operating costs are clear.

Product purity - Batch impurity levels from about 2% reduced to less than 0.1% eliminating a distillation step.
Carbon Savings - estimated COemissions savings of  45%.